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Monday, January 26, 2004:

Wherever you are, I hope you can see me.

I hope that whoever is in charge where you're at lets you watch me go through life and experience, in your own way, how things are where I am. I hope that seeing how my life has unfolded thus far makes your stomach turn and your skin itch... I hope it causes you pain. I hope your heart is as broken as mine is... I hope that you're able to tell that all the horridness in my life has grown from seeds of hatred and abandonement and emptiness that you planted and that, because of what you've done, I will never really be a person. Not one who can love and trust and feel the normal way... Oh no, not me. My emotions are all retarded and fucked up, and it's because of you. I hope that you realize that.

If you do, and I were you, I'd probably feel like killing myself all over again.

QueenBee // 5:24 PM


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