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Sunday, January 18, 2004:

Though I realize it has been over a month since my last post, I truly had no intention of writing in this again, that is until I received a death treat via email from a deranged friend who apparently likes to hear what I have to say. So much, in fact, that she is willing to injure me if I don't update- so here's your update, psycho.


Last night my boyfriend and I celebrated our Christmas together... don't ask. I had gotten a room up at the Mt. Charleston Lodge (hotel) and during yesterday afternoon my friend, Christy, and I went up there and decorated it with assorted presents and filled a sink with ice and a six pack of Sam Adam's and got our asses out of there so I could go pick up the boyfriend. Now, as far as Nick knew we were just going to dinner at the lodge and then returning to my house for present exchanging- I had told him my father was out of town. He was fully prepared for our dinner date (which went exceptionally well, by the way) but was caught quite off guard when we were "leaving" the lodge. We got in the car and I pulled out of the parking spot and began to drive off, making like we were getting out of there and going home. But just as we were about to get out of the parking lot I stoped and turned around. "Damnit," I said. "I forgot something, hand me my purse..." Thinking I meant my cell phone or debit card he quickly obliged as I pulled in a parking place closer to the hotel- he asked what was wrong. From my purse I produced the room key. "What's that?" he asked me. I pointed to the far left side of the building and said "See those rooms over there?" He just looked at me... "We have one." The look on his face was all I needed to see in order to know that this had been worth all of the lying and scheming and cash spending which was necessary to pull a stunt like that off. I am still pleased with myself :) Our night was wonderful... absolutely wonderful. We exchanged presents and spent the rest of the evening acting like a couple in love, then slept like babies and topped it all off with breakfast in front of a snow capped mountain this morning. My gifts from him were perfect, by the way... a kick ass DVD player which can play pirated movies (also compliments of my criminal boyfriend) a sushi making kit complete with a beautiful instruction book, pneenk panfer snocks (pink panther socks) and angel socks, and a lovely silver necklace with the letter "B" on it. Perfect. I could not have asked for more, and I could not ask for a better person to have spent the last 8 months with, and I thank God for this relationship every day. I finally get to experience what being in love with someone is like, the good and the bad parts of it, and it is 110% worth all the shit I had to go through to get to this point.

Aside from that I begin school on January 26th, wish me luck there, and I get my own computer hooked up in my room tomorrow. Life is good. Well, I am gonna go now, Nugget is about to get here and I haven't seen her all weekend... Whoever you are remember I love and miss you, write or call if you need anything... B

QueenBee // 10:44 PM


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