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Wednesday, November 12, 2003:

I have had a raging sinus infection for the past week which has included symptoms such as pain and swelling behind one of my eyes along with a puffy rash spread over and around said eye, as well as three nickle-sized swollen glands (behind my ear, next to the ear by the cheekbone, and on my neck) which feel like marbles under my skin and are painful to the touch, not to mention the horrible headache that just won't quit- the really weird part is that each of those things I have described are all on the left side of my body, everything on my right is fine. I normally sleep laying on my left side but doing so now only results in more pain so I have been forcing myself to sleep on my right, my sleeping pattern has since been interrupted. The pain got so bad today that I began to cry at work, though through clenched teeth and against my mental will. The management asked me to leave and urged me again to make a doctors appt as they have been for a few days now, and despite not having insurance I finally took their advice and am scheduled to see the doctor at 10am tomorrow. While paying out of pocket is going to hurt me it is nothing compared to the pain I have now, it has become unbearable. The only reason I can type this is because in the last six hours I have taken two Excedrin, one Advil Cold/Sinus, and two Benadryl- I am more or less numb above the shoulders and have only felt the occasional sharp pain in my left eye for the last hour or so. After this is finished I am definitely getting to bed... I will tell you one thing, though, my immediate supervisor and her boss have been nothing short of compassionate in dealing with my being sick and if it weren't for the both of them I am not sure where I would be, ill or not. Never in my life have I worked for a company where I more or less liked each staff member I have met and felt more at home in the company of the people I work for. They believe in me... I feel needed. That gives me the incentive to get over anything that gets in my way of being their "star", not even nasty old sinus infections.
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