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Saturday, November 01, 2003:

Haiku for Baby

My best decision
became my biggest mistake
A life of regret

QueenBee // 11:58 PM


Sunday, October 26, 2003:

I am better than I was a few hours ago. Took the boyfriend to Sushi-Mon (he says "hi", by the way) I had invited Kyria along but she never called me back. That is okay, I actually did not expect her to. Haven't heard from her lately and I am not holding my breath 'till I do, I'd be long dead before the phone even got close to ringing. It's alright, can't talk shit about the lady for having a life *LOL* I start my new job next Monday, loking forward to that. I have been spending this time off with friends and family and things have been pretty mellow since I quit T-Mobile. Christy took me to lunch the other day which was fabulous, I have gone to quite a few parties with Amber and I am helping her take Hunter Trick or Treating next week, and I have been trying to spend time with my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa just got out of the hospital, not sure what's wrong, but if you pray please pray for him :( No other news here, shoot me an email if you miss me...
QueenBee // 9:40 PM


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