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Monday, October 20, 2003:

She said "I'm okay, I'm alright- though you have gone from my life. You said that it would, and now it should, be alright."
- Flogging Molly

One year really can help absolve a lot of things... I miss her dearly, but my life is still going steady though she may not be with me. I am not as complete as I could be because of this, but I can't afford to waste anymore of my time pretending to be as dead as she is. This life is not a dress rehersal. God has given us all a specific amount of time in order to be on this earth, it's how we chose to spend that time that makes us who and what we are, and I am choosing not to be the walking dead.

On another note, I quit my job today and spent the entire morning, afternoon, and evening topless in bed with the boyfriend, whom I adore. I bought him lunch, he took me to the movies, we kissed. I am content, happy, and looking forward to the time I will have with him in the future. I am also looking forward to my new job, which is scheduled to start on November 3rd, hence the quitting of the current position I was in. Wish me luck on everything!

QueenBee // 10:22 PM


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