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Wednesday, September 03, 2003:

Mike Keyser just kissed my hand as he was saying goodbye to all of us here at Clientlogic.

I felt so loved :)

Speaking of the Keyser's, miss Kyria brought me a tank top back from SF, CA this weekend. It says in itty bitty letters on the front "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME"... but you see, the cool thing isn't just that she bought me a shirt, the really cool thing is she bought me a magical shirt!

No, really. I am serious.

Prior to putting on the shirt I admired the teenyness of the text but wondered just how people were going to read what it said when the letters were so very small. But smart, dear, and wonderful Kyria must have thought about that, too, because she invested in a magic shirt that has letters that self expand- they get bigger once you put the shirt on.

It was like going from a 6.5 font to size 26.

Coolest thing ever, my magic shirt.

QueenBee // 7:11 PM


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