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Thursday, August 28, 2003:

Things I am realizing lately…

1. People only love/need/miss you when they want something.
2. I have no intention of ever sleeping with any of my ex’s ever again ever. Unless of course it is Morgan or Kevin, and then that is like telling a three year old not to touch a stove because it is hot- They have an urge to do it though they know they will get burnt.
3. My next lover will not live with their parents/legal guardians.
4. My car is a death trap, I think maybe Shayla has something to do with that.
5. If you write a letter to someone you are upset with and you really let them have it you will feel a hell of a lot better, even if that letter ends up in your trashcan unread by the intended recipient. It it the principle, damnit.
6. Working in call centers has made me _____ . (Feel free to fill in the blank with “bitter”, “a bad person”, “fat”, “a whore”, “broke”, “immature”, etc- All apply)
7. Khakis make my ass look like LouAnn’s cheesecake mix once Taylor takes a stab at stirring it… in case you have no idea what the hell that looks like- let’s just say that is very, very bad. I should have stuck with black pants, for goodness sakes.
8. I don’t love my “good” friends as much as I thought I did, there is a lot of harbored resentment toward so many of them… I should really start over. Either that or take up kickboxing.
9. Sex is better when there is love. Doesn’t matter how much love, really, or what kind of love, just as long as there is something there.
10. Diet Vanilla Coke is actually just as good as the normal kind. It’s like Corona Light- you buy it by mistake and then once you realized you fucked up it is too late and you have to drink the shit… then you realize you have just dive-bombed into liquid heaven.
11. Lord knows I love children more that anything on the face of the earth, but lately I have admitted to myself that it really is better that I am still a mommy-to-be, as opposed to the obvious alternative.
12. When I was in high school I was an adorable yet stuck up little bitch with a list of boyfriends a mile along and I had absolutely no clue about anything that did not involve either my social life or my eye make-up and I had no real direction as far as my where my future was going to go whatsoever. And I would go back to being like that in a motherfucking heartbeat.
13. I have worked both as a sales agent for a computer peripheral company and as a customer service/tech support agent for computer and internet providers for years, yet I still don’t know how to plug in a printer or do any basic troubleshooting on any sort of machine.
14. I have a few memories, a lot of stories, dozens of theories, and a big box full of pictures and I still know absolutely nothing about my mother.
15. It is simply amazing what mascara can do for a person… I have not been winked at by a really hot guy I’ve never met in a long time.

And, finally, number 16...
All in all, I really don’t need to change the person I have become, I just need to adjust my settings a little bit.

QueenBee // 9:15 PM


Sunday, August 24, 2003:

I would like new friends. I would like to make new friends and replace some of my current friends with them. It would be that simple, grab new friend A and put them in the spot where old friend A is, then tell old friend A to get the hell out of my friend box. Now, it isn't because the old friends are bad, there are people in my life that I have known for years whom I would never dream of replacing, but there are some people who have been rubbing me the wrong way for a long time and I am just done with it all.
QueenBee // 10:00 AM


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