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Wednesday, August 13, 2003:

I got to Clientlogic just barely within a minute window of being late. When I finally logged in I realized I was hot and feeling nasty so I went to the restroom in order to clean up and on the way there I saw Jean, an old batty and chatty woman from Logitech. I avoided eye contact as best as I could, knowing that no matter how I treat this woman she won’t get the hint. I can flat our ignore her or talk to her like she’s dirt and she still feels the need to strike up conversation anytime I am within a 3 mile radius of her. So, of course, as I am looking at the floor and continuing my path to the bathroom she goes out of her way to follow me, asking me questions about this and that and touching me and not seeming to notice I am giving her short, one word answers to everything, if indeed I answer at all. Ever annoyed I shut myself in the stall thinking that she couldn’t possibly be dense enough to stay in there after that but she did, propped her old fucking self up against the wall and chattered away until I finally said “Uh huh… yeah, that’s good. Hey, I’ll talk to you later!” which caused her to finally leave. As she was exiting the restroom I did notice she was mumbling to herself, something I had forgotten she has a tendency to do. Then I remembered that she has a metal plate in her head and that her husband is bumbling but sweet loony and her kid is a grade A geek and that they all live and work together and that has to drive anyone to the edge. So I felt bad for a minute. But just a minute, of course, I can’t be expected to feel genuine pity towards someone who talks to me as I take a piss, can I?


On a lighter note, I had a call last night from a woman who was originally from New York but is currently residing in San Francisco. I told her that I thought that SF had to be the most wonderful place in the world and she responded to me (in a voice not unlike Harvey Feirstein with his balls in a vice) that it might be "da best place in da woild if I weren't a single haterosexuwalll!" I laughed, of course, and she proceded to inform me "Goirl, what yous needs ta do is go to Waiyomin' and get yous a cowboi, and then come back down heah!"

Yeah, I think I just might do that.

Hell, I like cowbois just as much as the next haterosexuwall does...

PS: I just noticed that it is the 13th of August. 4 years ago today I was sent to Cross Creek Manor at the ripe age of 16... Hmph. What a memory that is...

QueenBee // 4:50 PM


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