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Tuesday, August 05, 2003:

This sucks.

Sushi blew last night. My David was fired today. I missed the second day of training for my new job- it is a six week training class and you only get one incident to mess around with, mine is now gone. Got in a fight with my grandfather and cried all morning. I just got my phone bill for July which was $315. I currently have $4 in the bank and an empty tank in the bug. I do not get paid until Friday and I do not expect more than a $300 check due to all of my recent EO's. Once I am paid I have insurance due immeadiately plus money I owe my father plus money I owe Amber and all of that adds up to more than $300 fucking dollars. My head hurts. My life sucks. I am in a bad space all together.

And no one knows how to fix me.

QueenBee // 9:25 PM


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