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Thursday, June 05, 2003:

The top 3…

Hottest People You'll Never Sleep With
1. Benji and Joel Madden (they have the same DNA so they can share the same spot)
2. River Phoenix
3. David Marsh

Greatest Celebrities Ever
1. Anna Nicole Smith
2. RuPaul
3. Bette Midler

Places On Earth
1. San Francisco, the Castro District
2. Maui, Hawaii
3. The art room in my first high school.

Things To Do Where You Live
1. Stay up mighty late and go to some nasty little diner like Denny's and be rude to the waiter.
2. Meet a friend for coffee.
3. Get snuck into a bar (those are all so boring because I am under-age, there's more to do in Vegas than that)

Things To Spend Money On
1. My friends.
2. My sister.
3. Food (hence the fatness)

1. Olive Garden
2. The Prime Rib Loft
3. Makinos

Things To Do At Home
1. Get on the net...
2. Avoid my father.
3. Leave!

Things You Own
1. Pictures
2. Yoko (my car)
3. My Calvin Klein prescription sunglasses.

Things About You
1. My maternal-ness.
2. My un-crooked nose.
3. My abundance of different kinds of laughter.

1. Get a bachelors in science for nursing and become an RN in a labor and delivery unit of a hospital.
2. Write and publish a book.
3. Have babies.

QueenBee // 8:01 PM


Wednesday, June 04, 2003:

I was making tuna fish a few minutes ago and I found myself thinking that I wished David would find someone with whom he could share his horrid sense of humor. It was a serious thought, as I care enough about David to not want him to be lonely. But I don't know of anyone who could withstand what I did for as long as I did, and even my tolerance level is pretty high when it comes to the problems we had... So if you know of anyone who enjoys bare lightbulb-toe feet, who has an unfathomably digusting love for dogs, who has a sense of humor than would get the average person shot, and who doesn't mind not getting any real compliments then please contact me. Have I got the one for them...

But forget it if they're a biz-otch, cuz I really and truly only want the best for him.

And now, back to my tuna.

QueenBee // 1:47 AM


Tuesday, June 03, 2003:

Why is it that anyone else I know can make a joke about blowing their brains out of their heads and onto freshly painted living room walls and have people laugh, but when I do it I get a good slap on the wrist?
QueenBee // 3:37 AM


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