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Thursday, May 08, 2003:

My customer just wished me a Happy Mother's Day.

I think I should go home and cry now.

QueenBee // 6:00 PM


Wednesday, May 07, 2003:

So Christy and I were going to dinner last night to get my mind off of seeing Kevin. We chose a coffee shop in a casino because it was so late, and once we got there we had to go down an escalator to get to the floor the restaurant was on. At the top of the escalator there was a cop, he was just standing there blocking the steps. We were like "Ok, guess we'll take the stairs here, then" so we got on the stairs and looked downward and saw that there was a man lying at the bottom. He must have fallen or had a heart attack or something, but he was pretty much gone. In fact, I would bet money that he was dead. He wasn’t breathing and they seemed to have given up on him, and they were preparing the stretcher thing. It was sad… That is the second person I have ever seen after they had died. The saddest thing is that it did not really even effect me… I wonder if I am a bad person because of that? Anyway, once we got to the coffee shop Christy and I began to make jokes and laugh about old memories from when we were younger to lighten the mood a bit. She was telling me about a time where she went to the movies with a friend and the movie she had seen was titled something obscene, like the movie “Dick” for example. She was describing how when she went to by the tickets she had to look the attendant in the eye and say “Two for Dick, please?” I thought that was funny in the first place, but if you knew Christy like I do and you heard the girl asking for ‘Dick’ then you would be rolling on the floor laughing, too. She also taught me a song that had me cracking up for days afterward, but I cannot quite remember the exact words right now… something about a zoo orgy. *LOL* Gotta love my friends, man :) I know I do… I had that rough afternoon yesterday and Miss Kyria took me out for ice cream and we got to spend some time together (which is rare these days) and then went out with Christy, and after that I talked to Nick until his phone died a few hours later. Things would have been perfect if I had heard from Kristen, but I think she is pretty busy taking care of her Denver. I should talk with her soon enough, though. I hope I do, anyway, I miss her… Anywho, all of those people yesterday made an effort to make me feel better about the situation at hand, and they did an excellent job. The only thing is that when the night was over and all was said and done and I was alone with my thoughts I let them get the best of me… He was there in my dreams. *sigh* The love just won’t let up, will it?
QueenBee // 2:49 PM


Tuesday, May 06, 2003:

What is one supposed to do when they see their ex-lover pulled over in the island of an intersection taking a picture of the Welcome To Las Vegas sign on LV Blvd? I’ll tell you what I did… I flipped an immediate bitch so I could run the motherfucker down- but it was too late, by the time I got to that intersection he was pulling away and I was left at a red light on the other side of the street. I then began to cry. I called my friend and cried to her and secretly hoped that once I reached work he would be there so that I could either curse him out or embrace him, but he wasn’t. No doubt he was already on that long drive back to Albuquerque. So I did the next best thing- I told his best friend that if Kevin ever had the misfortune to see me again I would tie him down and tweeze his ass hairs out one by one. That dipshit was Irish... I can’t think of a better way to torture him.
QueenBee // 2:44 PM


Monday, May 05, 2003:

There Must Be 5000 Ways To Die
And Each One Ends The Same Way If You Try
Your Friends All Stand Around
While They Dump You In The Ground
And The People Who Loved You Will Ask Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why

And The Bastard You Hated The Most
Will Stand Up And Give You A Toast
He'll Say "we Were Such Good Friends Especially Near The End"
Then He'll Feel Up Your Girlfriend In Front Of Your Ghost

And If You're Very Lucky
You'll Get Your Picture In The Paper On Page Three
25 Words Will Summarize How You Spent Your Whole Damn Life
One Day On That Page
Next Day Into The Hamster Cage

So Get In Your Car And Drive Real Fast
Up In The Attic With A Shotgun Blast
Take A Bath With A Clock Radio
Vodka And Valium Overdose
Have You Ever Tried?
There Must Be 5000 Ways To Die

QueenBee // 7:38 PM


Sunday, May 04, 2003:

Just a reminder for those of you who either do not know me or do not remember this about me...

If I seem like I am at all nice or approachable then I am certainly acting. So do us all a favor- don't speak unless spoken to.

*rolls eyes*

QueenBee // 5:50 PM


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