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Thursday, April 17, 2003:

I am at work, clad in pajamas. I feel more than slightly out of place, yet wonderfully comfy. I even have the big fuzzy slipper thing going on... Even so, next pajama day I think I will stick to my track suit or something a little more normal. I also lost my glasses. As in, they're gone. Furreal. Can't really see a damned thing. *shrugs* Oh well... call me Magoo. Or don't. Please don't...
I am talking to what's his ass again, but I am not sure I really even want to. I was much more content in life prior to the email he sent me yesterday- I wanted to talk to him, sure, but I don't know that I was prepared for it. I am not ready to have feelings for this person anymore because all they do is drive me crazy and I don't need that. I had gotten out of the place I was at with him and I had stopped feeling they way I used to and I had moved on, omitting occasional setbacks. And though we set up boundaries already with that, stating we are currently and will continue to be "just friends" I really don't want to allow myself to care about him at all anymore. I know it seems harsh, but it is too much effort to be a friend (much less anything else) to this person. So my plans are to smile and nod and make light conversation, but I have no intention of seeking anything more out of this than that... I don't really want to.
And I am sorry for what I said yesterday, Nick... It wasn't nice, babe, and I do apologize. I know I have said that already but I want you to know I truly mean it... it was not meant to upset you, but that is so justification. Think of it this way- I lost my glasses, there's my karma. I have already suffered enough then, right? *sad pouty face*

Yeah, I know I'm dork...

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Monday, April 14, 2003:


I am quite excited that the first lesbian kiss to ever air on daytime television will be given by a girl named Bianca.

It's so fitting...

QueenBee // 8:16 PM


I think I am going to change my name to Ima Noid. That way people will know as soon as they meet me. Grr.
QueenBee // 3:44 PM


Sunday, April 13, 2003:

OueenBee's Beef About Tuna by Bianca Brady


There are two main ways of eating shredded tuna fish out of a can. The first way is with sweet relish, the second- celery. I myself happen to be a relish person, I prefer a tang with my tuna. I truly don't understand those of you others that actually like to eat crunchy fish, but I will eat the celery type when I absolutely have no other choice. So tonight I find myself with a tuna craving (and no, Kyria, it was not brought on by meeting your sister, thanks) so I venture into the kitchen and moosh up some albacore, without even bothering to check the fridge. After adding my miracle whip and mustard, I am dismayed to discover we have neither relish nor celery. Rather than force feeding myself the plain-yet-condimented tuna, I melted cheese onto a flour tortilla and plopped some fish on it and boom- a make-shift tuna melt. Even though my creativity surprised even me, I am distressed about the lack of follow-through thinking on my fathers part- who in their right mind buys tuna without buying relish or celery? I will certainly be discussing this with him in the morning, let me tell you.

On another related note- I feel that, like cat and dog people, trying to have a relationship with someone who does not share your personal tuna preference is a definite mistake. Example: Kevin was a celery person, look how that bloody turned out... and Morgan certainly had her own way of eating tuna, but at the time we were together I was strictly relish oriented, so that relationship was yet another one down the tubes. (I am also willing to bet that another specific couple-turned-ex-turned-couple share different tastes in tuna, and that is why they are bound to not be together- just you all watch...) If you are considering any sort of romantic envolvement with someone, do yourself a favor and find out what kind of tuna person they are! ("Hello, it is so nice to have met you, my name is ___, are you a 'relish' or a 'celery'?") I think you'll thank yourself in the long run, cause if you can't agree on how to lick a fish then what the hell else will the future hold?

QueenBee // 12:45 AM


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