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Saturday, March 08, 2003:

You know you're growing up when you enter a store with the intention of getting a bag for a birthday present, then leave that same store in possesion of $200 worth of black matte dinnerware- omitting the bag.
QueenBee // 5:33 PM


Friday, March 07, 2003:

I can't sleep. I feel awful. I told someone I cared about to jump in front of a bus (as well as many other things) and the only reason I said that was I was able to bite my tounge enough so as not to ask him to kill himself. That, I feel, would have been worse, if that is at all possible... I wanted to be even crueler to him at the time, but rather than calling him and ripping him a new asshole, I called an old flame from my lockdown days. I wanted it to be a nice conversation, to hear her voice, but I took my anger out on her instead, as I have often done in the past. The initial satisfaction of hurting both of them in some way wore off fairly quickly, and even rocking out to Good Charlotte while doing 80 on the freeway could not cheer me up. So I have been thinking about what a bitch I am, what a vindictive and spiteful bitch I am, for hours. And I am sorry. I am sorry to the boy I hurt, this beautiful and wonderful boy who will grow into an amazing man if he would only allow himself to do so. This boy that I have grown to love despite the warnings of my friends, family, and even myself. I know that being unkind and irrational is not the key to his heart, I desperately wish I knew what was. And I am sorry to the girl. And the years since we've known one another and the stress we carried because of a love that has been replaced by time, distance, and other lovers. I honestly wish I had never met you... but I only wish that for your sake.

And now, sleep to dream.

QueenBee // 1:17 AM


Thursday, March 06, 2003:

"Fuck you and your ugly-ass car with legs, you dip-shit!"

See, I told you men were complicated... making me say mean ass things and not even regretting them. They don't want friendships... they just want you to spread your legs. Only, when you end up doing that for them, they get "sleepy"- Bastards...

QueenBee // 10:27 PM


Wednesday, March 05, 2003:

I am of the opinion that it was easier to have a relationship with a teenage lesbo while living in a Mormon owned and operated lockdown, than it is to have a non-relationship with a 22 year old man here in the freeworld. *sigh* Why must men complicate things so?
QueenBee // 7:27 PM


Tuesday, March 04, 2003:

While at work I was surfing unoffical and prohibited websites I located this blog creator. I told myself "Self, you have wanted one of those blogs to call your own for quite sometime now, how's about you go ahead and create it tonight?" You see, many of my friends are blog addicts, and since I have been known to be a participant in the common "You jump, I jump" concept, I jumped. Thus, my blog was born. I do hope it can provide entertainment to friends and strangers alike, as well as a sort of therapy for myself. Hell, it's cheaper than the real thing, ain't it?

QueenBee // 9:10 PM


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